I have taught literature, classics, and law at Princeton, Bilkent, and Groningen University.
Here are some things I've enjoyed teaching recently:

Introductory Ancient Greek
Bilkent (2022-2023) | Syllabi

A year-long introduction to ancient Greek, starting at square one and ending with selected passages in the original. I teach ancient Greek with a handbook and the help of Memrise, an online vocabulary tool. My syllabus is built around Athenaze, but places a strong emphasis on offering students the tips, tricks and tools with which they can read authors in the original independently

Afterlives: Roman Law and Colonialism
Princeton (2021) | Syllabus

This upper-level seminar combined an introduction to Roman law with an examination of its afterlife in early modern colonial regimes. We looked at closely at the adoption of the Roman law of slavery in Dutch, French, Spanish, and Portugese colonial legislation (the latter with the inimitable Margarita Rosa), studied Louisiana case law, and investigated the role of Roman law in shoring up early modern systems of slavery. 

Humanities Sequence
Bilkent (2022-2023) | Syllabi

A wonderful, year-long sequence on literature and philosophy, mandatory for all undergraduates at Bilkent University. The course covered Near Eastern, Greco-Roman, and European philosophy and literature from antiquity (Epic of Gilgamesh, Homer, Plato's Symposium) to the 20th and 21st century (Kafka, Le Guin, Tsing). 

Law and Legal Skills
Groningen (2023)

Part of the LLB International and European Law, this course familiarizes students with the workings of a legal system. In two parts, students acquire both a working knowledge of law (the "law" part) and an understanding of how to tackle legal problems (the "skills" part). LLS is team-taught: each instructor runs small seminars on all materials, and gives a plenary lecture on a specific topic (I lectured on International Law)